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Reunion 2002
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Q P H S Lucena City, Philippines

Reunion 2002 Canada

The most exciting moment we all shared together .

We might talk about how old we are, what we look like, and what we do for a living. (wi'll try to be truthful!)

Where we grew up, where we went to school, various places we've been,  Canada is one of the finest place we've ever visited.  The reunion was an extra ordinary experienced.

Taking a break from work

What'z up!

If you plan to take a vacation I suggest the country side of Canada the vineyard! where you can find a place to relax with a romantic dinner and a sip of exotic wine. It is near the Niagara falls. The most expectacular place you want to visit. Enjoy and have fun!


Here's a list of   interesting  movies:
The five people you meet in heaven
The godfather
Mission Impossible III 

Here's a list of a  great music:

The doors, U2, Rolling Stone, The beatles, Santana, Bread, Chicago and The Queens

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