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We want to stay, But graduation exit is inevitable.Yes Virginia. We were always there , Busy with scores of things. Call them trivial but before us . They are towering mountains of responsibilities Virgin lands of lofty spirits. Like kids out in the rains, We run, rushed...Time was so short..

Four years ago,We were among the 1,143 freshmen eager to step into the grounds of Quezon High.It was really a big step for us to become a part of QPHS world.We were taken for granted. Our performance in the freshmen convocation showed a wealth of potentials. Ronald Cusi won the championship crown in the National Kiddies Chess tournament '72,'73. Marcello Ebron went home as Mr.4-H of Quezon after passing rigid screening. Petite Leonilla Remo reigned as Miss Freshmen. At the end of the year.Michelia Oriel was the first honor and Jonathan Villasante,second .

Hour...more hours,
The period of greater challenge
And thus-another world to face...

Ofelia Lascano was Region IV's representative to the National 4-H contest on foods.Marites Donasales was the first runner up in the Mutya ng Hiyas selection. Ricardo J.cueto Jr.placed second and Renato Vergara, third in the writing contest sponsored by the English Club.Prestine beauty Marites Parafina Miss Sophomore, ranked second in the Mutya ng Paaralan selection. Again,Michelia Oriel made it as first honor with Ofelia Zurbano as second.

Another year did pass
Silently we watched

The moment's tide surging
Still we managed to be
In frolicsome, light spirits...

This time,involvement started to add spice to our campus life.Jonathan Villasante was elected president of the kabataang Barangay of Lucena. During the scouting month's take over activities, he was the governor.Behind this feat were other honors. Ofelia Lascano copped first place in the GSP district oratorical contest. Michelia was first placer in poetry reading interpretation. Arween Flores was Quezon's representative to the first Marinduques Provincial Jamboree,Ronald Cusi placed fourth in the Buklod-Bayan chessfest. Ofelia Zurbano, Marites Parafina,Leonila Remo,Arnulfo Alpay and Rufil Eliseo composed the dancers who romped away with the two first places in the YMCA "Balik-Sayaw" Contest. First honor was Michelia, Jonathan, second.

The end of the route
Is just a hand-grip
The final struggle blossoms!

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